Thursday, July 2, 2015

Settling In

It's official! We have moved to Montana! We're living in our little cabin surrounded by woods, mountains and 1.5 billion pack rats.  It's beautiful here & I already love to sit on the wrap around porch at night and listen to absolutely nothing and no one while looking at the mountains.
Most of you know we moved here to become full time volunteers with Dignata  ( Dignata.Org ) and Business for Orphans ( ).  The campus where we live has multiple buildings including dorms, a cafeteria, administration buildings and 2 residential cabins- one where we live and one our sweet friends will soon move into. We will be working on preparing the whole campus to become a training center  (major construction work ahead! ) so one day we can train volunteers who wish to work overseas for long term assignments with our organization. 
So far we are adjusting well to country life and the one lesson I am learning is to be flexible! Just when I think the cabin is in order, the plumbing goes out and I'm washing dishes in a bathroom sink of a creepy lodge or peeing in a ziplock bag in the middle of the night because there is NO WAY I'm walking back down to the creepy lodge in the dark or going out to the yard to squat when we've seen 14 snakes out there! (Guys, don't judge. I only did it once and it actually worked out just fine ).
Just when I think all is  well with the electricity, it goes out and our just bought groceries are stashed in coolers and neighbor's refrigerators.
Just when I think we have everything we need for a "planned "meal  I realize something is missing but there's no way I'm driving 1 hour round trip to go to a little store in "town " to get that item so we go to plan "B" and feast on a culinary experiment.
I'm actually loving the new lessons I'm learning. I'm loving being stretched in new ways. I'm loving the peace and quiet and time to reflect. I'm loving no TV,limited internet, time to make homemade bread,quiet dinners with family and watching the boys explore the great and vast outdoors: our new backyard. I can tell we will have lots of laughs, sweat and tears in the days ahead. Welcome to the country cabin.

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